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The Friends

The Friends of the Moot Hall Charity was formed in 2008 to share the 15th Century Moot Hall with 21st Century visitors

The organisation of the Friends of the Moot Hall comprises of three tiers of administration; Trustees, Executive Committee, Friends. So that the Friends of the Moot Hall can administer the building as a living museum, they have been granted charity status, Registered Number 1127073. This will bring financial benefits to the day-to-day running costs of the of the building.

The ownership and responsibility for maintenance of the Moot Hall will remain with Maldon Town Council who have granted a 25 year lease to the Charity. The Executive Committee will take responsibility for running the activities of the Moot Hall as a museum.

There are three Trustees who will oversee the charitable status; a trustee will Chair the Executive Committee, linking the first two tiers. Visitors and Maldonians are invited to become ‘Friends’, the third tier. Membership of the Friends is by subscription of £12 for single members and £24 for family memberships, 2 adults & 2 Children (under 16). Corporate membership is available to businesses for meetings and events in this unique setting.

Friends will receive priority bookings (on a first come – first served basis), discounts for attending some functions, membership only events and free entry to the Moot Hall tours. The monies received will be used to promote the Moot Hall Museum and contribute to the running costs of the building.

Help preserve this historic part of Maldon and Join the Friends