With immediate effect and until further notice we will be suspending our public tours. These normally take place each Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 11am and 12.30pm. Thank you for your understanding and support of this decision.

New Acquisitions

The Moot Hall is proud to announce the gift of two prints by The Danger Tree artists Marc Marot and Scarlett Raven. The two smaller prints from the exhibition titled ‘Shall I sing to you’ and ‘Those Measureless fields’ are the most significant pieces to have in Maldon.

‘Shall I sing to you’ is the augmented reality art and story about Marc’s Grandfather. This piece had the most emotive reaction on visitors.

‘Those Measureless fields’ is the augmented reality story about Benjamin Cobey, the Maldon born driver who lost his life in the early stages of World War 1 heroically saving a gun position at Mons. Cobey was just 19 years old, and was denied the VC when his colleges that survived received the reward. This was most probably because he was born out of wedlock. It was 9 months before his mother received the dreaded telegram, and his broken body was never recovered.
Marc, Scarlett and Historian Stephen Nunn worked together to create this piece unique to Maldon, and now can be seen whenever you enter the Moot Hall.

Thank you Scarlett Raven, Marc Marot, for the exhibition and the gift of art.

Gifted prints 003

Gifted prints 002

Gifted prints 001