Married in Maldon – at The Moot Hall

Maldon’s MOOT HALL has stood in the centre of the town for nearly 600 yearsand is probably one of the oldest brick buildings in Essex. Originally it was built in the mid 15thC as part of the family manor house of Sir Robert D’Arcy. In 1576 the tower was acquired by the town for use as the centre of local government until 1974. Holding civil ceremonies has opened a new chapter in the story of the MOOT HALL.

There are three floors: on the ground floor are the Committee Room and Goal. On the first floor the19th century Court Room and Jury Room are perfectly preserved and the second floor has the Council Chamber and Muniment Room with historic artefacts and charters. The roof has panoramic views of the town and surrounding countryside, and the balcony is an ideal setting for the all-important photographs of you and your guests, perhaps whilst enjoying a glass of champagne. Any of the three floors may be chosen for your special day. The atmosphere of the building provides a perfect setting for an intimate ceremony and is exclusively yours for the duration of your visit, with personal service by our experienced staff. Although there are no facilities for catering, celebration drinks can be served, leaving you free to choose your own caterers elsewhere.

Contact details: For weddings and bookings and a copy of our brochure call the weddings line 07938 999068 or email